Rio del Cambio is committed to assisting the impoverished village of Citalapa, Nicaragua and the surrounding area to achieve a greater level of human dignity, health and well-being through a variety of funded programs and projects.

 By Changing The Flow… We Forever Change Lives

Our core programming areas are education for the children, clean water, sustainable farming and improved health and well-being. We are usually in the village at least twice each year to ensure a hands-on understanding of the situation and dynamics of the village. We also facilitate Service Learning Experiences for interested parties from Canada. These trips may include a work project such as building a house, installing water pipes or planting crops.

Rio del Cambio provides an afterschool tutoring-style program for elementary students to support the inadequate public education system. The program is creating greater interest in learning, greater success in school and better prepares the children for high school entrance exams. For as little as $75.00 per child per year, your sponsorship helps to provide teachers, textbooks and supplies. Rio del Cambio has learned the easiest and cheapest way to provide safe drinking water is to purchase water filtration canisters in Nicaragua for only $ 30.00 each.
Rio del Cambio has created a farming co-operative fund that assists in the purchase of seeds, pesticides and tools at the beginning of each planting season. The farmers “pay back” what they can at the end of each season based on the profitability of the crops. However, funds in the program have been depleted due to drought and flooding over the past 3 years. Homes in Citalapa are very primitive and are made of scrap wood and wire. Most of the homes have dirt floors that become mud during the rainy season. This in turn causes much illness. With the assistance of the villagers, Rio del Cambio has built 3 houses and hopes to build more for the most needy.