December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del CambioAs Christmas approaches, it is once again an important time to give thanks; to be grateful for the freedom and abundance that we enjoy living in Canada. Too many in the world are fleeing for their lives, wondering when the next meal will be or if there will be any money for heat, let alone presents under the tree. Thanks to each and everyone of you in partners…

November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del CambioEsther and I had the pleasure and privilege to spending a week in October with the people of Citalapa. This trip was about connecting with the villagers after, yet again, a very challenging spring and summer. The weather was incredibly hot and humid. We had to monitor our activity and each other very carefully. Even with a constant intake of water, dehydration was…

September 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del CambioFingers crossed… It looks like the tides may be changing in Citalapa. After 2 years of extreme heat with little to no rain, the skys opened in early September. Citalapa experiences a week of steady rain and slightly cooler temperatures. This allowed the farmers to plant a crop for the first time in since the spring of 2014 (which was wiped out by flooding and…

August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

The 6th Annual Rio del Cambio Fundraising Festival was once again a great success! We were blessed with perfect weather, a wonderful backyard BBQ by Redline Brewhouse, and amazing live music compliments of Randolph and The Rivieras, and Canadian gem My Son the Hurricane. The evening was a blend of education and entertainment during which guests learned about t…

June 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

The month of May in Citalapa brought rain and great celebration one day, then nothing for 2 weeks. More recently the rains has been steady but too late for a spring planting. The farmers are hoping the rains will continue through June and July so they can finally plant a significant crop in early August for a November harvest. This would be their first yield in 2…

May 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio,

Life in Nicaragua continues to be a daily challenge. Although Project Manager Elias assures me the Education Program is going well, he states “the heat is still unbearable”. Elias was very sick with a virus for almost a month. This virus also spread through the village as well as Denga, an illness from mosquitos. Zika cases have been diagnosed in Nicaragua…

February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio:

Thanks to your generosity, the villagers of Citalapa had a very special Christmas dinner. In addition to the usual beans, rice and oil, each family received chicken, potatoes, onion, tomatoes and green peppers. Each food basket must feed 6-8 people. This was truly a feast for the villagers! For many, this is the first time since going to the beach last…

December 2015 Update

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

Esther and I were grateful to have spent time in the village of Citalapa in November. As always, the children give us a wonderful greeting and were eager to show us the school, their homes and the river.
The purpose of this trip was to assess the situation in the village then determine our course of action for 2016. What we witnessed was not surprising but…

October 2015 Update

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

Immediately after posting the September newsletter, Elias emailed requesting help to purchase seed for the farmers. This was a very challenging request since the planting season had passed and the possibility of rain was unpredictable. The past 4 months should have been the “rainy season”; instead Nicaragua experienced a crippling drought. The farmers of…

September 2015 Update

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

The past month brings little change to the conditions in Citalapa. The village, which should have experienced 4 months of rainy season, continue to wait for any measure of rain that is beneficial. The farmers have some seed and fertilizer stock piles but the ground is like concrete due to the 30-35 degree temperatures and drought conditions since last October.

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