My New Little Friends

A volunteer experience in a local community is a moving and eye-opening experience for a Managua college student (photo/ Adriana de los Angeles Diaz)
By Adriana de los Angeles Diaz / guest blogger
January 28, 2013

Throughout my life, I have volunteered and participated in different social projects where I got to see how many people in this country suffer. I have gone through moments of…

February 2013 Update

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

As I reflect on the 3rd anniversary of Rio del Cambio, I can only be proud of the progress we have made. We began in February 2010 with 26 children in a tutoring-style learning program.  The parents of children in Citalapa requested this program since their children were not achieving the grades necessary to enter high school. Today, there are 77 children in t…

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