December 2014 Update

Dear Friends and Sponsors of Rio del Cambio

As you race to pick up the last perfect gift, bake cookies, wrap presents or enjoy a toast with friends and family, I would ask that you also consider adding the renewal of your Rio del Cambio Sponsorship to your list. This act of kindness will ensure that your Nicaraguan child continues to receive an education including notebooks, textbooks, pencils, a desk and a loving local teacher.

The Rio dio Cambio Education Program will be celebrating its 5th year in February 2015. In February of 2010, we began with 23 students under a tin roof and one teacher. Thanks to the support and generosity of so many, the village of Citalapa now has 96 students in the elementary program lead by 3 teachers, and 32 students in the nearby high school . Citalapa has gone from being the village with the lowest academic standing in the district to being in the top 10 of 31 schools. The local high school is beginning to get a greater measure of funding from the Ministry of Education because of the increased enrolment at the facility.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of Corporate donations in 2105, a new Education Centre was built in Citalapa in 2014. This is truly a “dream come true” for the people of Citalapa and Rio del Cambio. The community now has a place that protects them from the harsh sun and driving rain. The children no longer sit with their feet in mud or shuffle around to avoid the sun’s heat and glare. The Education Centre is now also being used for English classes Saturday mornings, by the Sewing Ladies, the Farm Co-operative, and the women as a gathering place. The people of Citalapa take great pride in maintaining and protecting this facility. Recently, every family donated a fence post then all congregated to install them around the new centre as well as wire to create a secure perimeter around the school. This was the communities way of saying “Thank you” to everyone in Canada that has supported them over the past year.

Elias, our Project Manager, will be delivering small food packs today to each of the students as a Christmas gift from Sponsors and Rio del Cambio. After another challenging year due to extreme drought then excessive rain, the food packs have been greatly appreciated and needed. It looks like the farmers will harvest about 50% of their bean crop and 80% of their corn crop in January which will be cause for great celebration.

To celebrate the past years achievements, we will once again be taking the villagers to the beach in early February. This has become a much anticipated event that is attended by All ages. Although the beach is only 20 minutes away, it is not a feasible activity for most of the villagers on their own.

Please consider renewing your Sponsorship for the 2015 school year today. For just $75 per year, you are providing a child with a life altering opportunity to break the cycle that poverty creates. For an additional $5, you can send one child to the beach, or $25 helps to send their whole family to the beach!

There are a number of ways to pay your Sponsorship renewal – online here, via etransfer to, or drop a cheque in the mail to Rio del Cambio, 3714 20th Sideroad, Innisfil, Ontario L9S 2Y1.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Rio del Cambio on this journey!I It has grown due to your generosity, love and support. Without you, the lives of the children in Citalapa would not be so richly improved. It has been a bold beginning but one that I am dearly blessed to be a part of.

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas as well as a happy and healthy New Year!

Kari Williams
Rio del Cambio Founder and Director

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