March 2014 Update Part 2

Dear Friends of Rio del Cambio

Rio del Cambio is currently building an Education Centre in Citalapa, Nicaragua! This building has been on the Rio del Cambio “Wish List” from its inception but other necessities such as an education program, food and clean water needed to take precedence. Now that we have programs in place addressing these issues, the idea of a building seemed possible… conceptually. It wasn’t, however, until an individual came forward expressing a desire to support Rio del Cambio with a generous gift of $10,000 for a project that would focus on children and education. This presented the unique opportunity to give life to the idea of an Education Centre that would also function as a Community Centre, Library, Medical Centre, and Sewing Centre without compromising Rio del Cambio’s core annual budget.


Construction of the new building began in early February with hopes of having the structure closed in by mid May before the rains begin. Except for a construction manager, the villagers are volunteering all of the time, talent and energy needed to complete the building. As you can see from the pictures below, progress has been overwhelmingly positive. The villagers have shown real commitment and ownership for the building by working full days in over 100 degree temperatures. They are currently ahead of schedule and expect to be installing the roof trusses and sheeting in the next few weeks.


The final steps will be to install the windows and doors and pour the cement floor as well as purchase the interior components which are currently subject to funding. These steps must be finished before the rainy season begins. Although we have received an additional $2000 donation, $7200 is still needed to complete the project. If you would like to make a donation, please feel free to here.

It is tempting to post dozens of pictures to accurately explain the level of “manual labour” that the people of Citalapa have donated to the building of the Education Centre. Instead, I invite you to join us at Facebook/riodelcambio to see a photo journal of the project.

Thank you to everyone for your interest, encouragement and ongoing support for the people of Citalapa and Rio del Cambio. It is greatly appreciated and recognized as an incredible blessing.

Kari Williams

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