What We Do

Rio del Cambio is committed to assisting the impoverished village of Citalapa, Nicaragua and the surrounding area to achieve a greater level of human dignity, health and well-being through a variety of funded programs and projects.  Our core programming areas are; education for the children, clean water, sustainable farming and improved health and well-being.  We are usually in the village at least twice each year to ensure a hands-on understanding of the situation and dynamics of the village.  We also facilitate Service Learning Experiences for interested parties from Canada.  These trips may include a work project such as building a house, installing water pipes or planting crops.

Rio del Cambio is committed to raising awareness here at home through a variety of fundraising events and programs. Our main fundraiser is an outdoor summer music festival featuring local talent and restaurants.

Our Child Sponsorship Program ensures that every child in the village is given the opportunity to attend high school instead of begging on the streets, dealing drugs, or becoming prostitutes by the age of 13.  This program encourages the children to dream of a very different future for the first time.